Howdy finds, forms and fosters meaningful relationships to help you achieve your goals.

We help pioneering organisers of events, conferences and communities (“hubs”) deliver an engaging way to meet the right people.

Greatness doesn’t happen in isolation. We are inspired to introduce those who otherwise might never have met. We want to help you achieve your goals, create opportunities and solve problems by meeting the right people.

Introductions make the world go round, we are making it super easy to introduce yourself and make introductions.

The more you use and share Howdy the better and better we can deliver recommendations of who to introduce yourself to and events and hubs to join.

Ben Abbott

CEO and co-founder

Ben has loved meeting new people since forever. It’s ingrained deep within him and Howdy is his passion. Ben is most likely to be thinking of new ideas for Howdy in the shower, in a meeting, running in the park, at a party or with his growing family.

He’d love to hear from you:

Tristan Abbott

COO and co-founder

Tristan eats fast, cycles quite fast and will then eat even faster. Tristan reflects on the bigger picture and is an embodiment of Howdy’s culture. Exceptionally considerate and with a clear understanding that making introductions to help people is win win.

Tristan does not like anything unread in his inbox, challenge him:

William Wynne

CTO and co-founder

Engineer, inventor and freak between the excel sheets, Will is the brains behind Howdy’s algorithms. Before Howdy, Will helped swarms of robots navigate but has since decided that collaboration between people is more important.

Want to chat data? Fire him an email:

Krzysztof Zylawy

Head of Product

An entrepreneur who has spent a lot of his life coding and working with developers in dark rooms, Krzysztof thinks he is not the best at meeting new people. The vision of Howdy helping to create meaningful new connections means he can make the world better for everyone including people like himself.

Talk to Krzysztof about building software:

Andrew Brandon

Head of Sales, APAC

Andrew is the Australian of the group whose accent and laugh is questionable at best. He has obtained professional expertise in commercial, commodities and cloud, but prefers to utilise his labrador like qualities to facilitate Howdy’s new business connections in Asia and Australia.

Ask Andrew how Howdy can help your next event:

Miles Thorpe

UK Sales

Miles loves nothing more than to chat. Especially talking to organisers about Howdy. It takes a rare breed not to find his enthusiasm infectious. Miles is passionate about four things; helping young people into work, his coiffure, his lunch and Howdy.

Miles’s cackle is audible across London. In fact, what’s that noise?

He’d love to chat about getting Howdy set up for your events or community:

Mark Foley


Mark is Howdy’s designer, and has been creating interactive digital experiences for over a decade, working on everything from interactive storytelling in video games to collaborative music installations.

Mark is always looking for the most elegant way to help humans connect through design.

Duncan Robertson

AI Advisor

Duncan graduated from Downing College, Cambridge with an Engineering PhD in 2003. He is CEO of Redimension, a business that exists to facilitate the commercial exploitation of cutting-edge machine learning and computer vision technology.

He is a long term consultant at Microsoft Research, a founder of successful tech start-ups Metail (the online fashion platform) and Dogtooth Technologies (agricultural robotics). He was also Chief Scientist at TrialReach (a revolutionary solution for matching patients and clinical trials ).

Leon de Bono


Leon doesn’t know how many people have met each other through investment events he has run in the past 15 years, but it’s probably well over 20,000. In the UK, USA and Asia. He wish he did know. He’s happy to say he’ll have a much better idea in the future. He looks forward to Howdy working across a range of industries, including even the art world in which he first studied.

Leon is a Director at the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association, prior to which he was in financial publishing with Dow Jones, part of Newscorp, and other media businesses. He has a Masters with Distinction from The Courtauld Institute of Art and a First in History of Art from UCL.

You can contact Leon at

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